Welcome to the room 114 drum and room mike experimental.  In the Fall of '08, we performed a directed study to analyze the characteristics of the 114 studio with respect to drum room miking.

This site will help the visitor answer the following questions:

  • Where should I place my drums?
  • Where should I place my room mikes?

We have created a flash page so that the visitor can hear and compare the examples we have created for this project. The page may take a minute or two to load.

The experiment:

  • We chose 3 drumset locations, 4 mono room mike locations, and 3 stereo room mike locations.
  • A coincident pair followed the set to each position.
  • The positions were chosen for practicality: these positions would be used in a real tracking situation.
  • Essentially, we are not only miking the drums, we are miking "the room."
  • For more detailed session information click here

Session Photo